2 posts published in July 2016

Subtle Adventure

July 13, 2016

A subtle sprinkle of adventure can transform a trip experience. A recent example was crossing paths with a wedding party at a historic site on a trip to the country of Georgia.

It was a gift to see what people were wearing, how they posed and how their visit played out. I saw the people who mattered most to the bride and groom and the wedding vehicles decorated with ribbons and props.

Just as compelling were the candid moments like the bride and female guests navigating cobblestones...

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Feather Safari

July 18, 2016

With binoculars in hand, I boarded the early morning bird watching safari in the Norwalk, CT as a kick start to the weekend. It was a no frills catamaran ride that felt so right for an ecoadventure.

The Long Island Sound was a peaceful haven where I discovered a gentle orchestra of sights, sounds and exciting wildlife moments.

The two hour break with Naturalist guides was a grand “Welcome to the weekend!”. Returning before noon meant a full day ahead to go about the “needful Saturday...

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